Algonquin: A Tapestry of Creation

Feet. I didn’t know how much this particular body part would be tested until I took a trip this past weekend to Algonquin National Park located in northern Ontario, Canada. Beginning to mid October is the peak season to visit Algonquin because of its beautiful array of tree species displaying their vibrant autumnal hues as they make their descent to the ground for a season … Continue reading Algonquin: A Tapestry of Creation

GREECE: Corinth -Overwhelmed and Still

As proof that sometimes the best things are found on the off-beaten path, Corinth was a hidden gem that was well worth the journey there. When planning out the itinerary for our Greece trip, the first city that popped into my mind was not Santorini or even Athens, but surprisingly, Corinth. The city holds such a special place in my heart because of how deeply … Continue reading GREECE: Corinth -Overwhelmed and Still

GREECE: Athens and a Lesson on the Unexpected

All-encompassing. If there’s one word (okay, two words) I had to use to describe my recent trip to Greece, it would be that. With roughly 10 days in the land of olive oil, feta, and blue hues, I was initially worried that it wouldn’t be enough time to see all the things I had planned, but the trip ended up being everything I had dreamed … Continue reading GREECE: Athens and a Lesson on the Unexpected