7 of My Favourite Apps for Self-Care & Staying Productive

1. Headspace With National Mental Health Day being not too long ago, I’ve realized how important it is to check in on your mind every now and then and see how things are going. Every person deals with hectic days and even on a slow day, the state of your mind can be neglected as we’re told to carry on with our day without taking … Continue reading 7 of My Favourite Apps for Self-Care & Staying Productive

Algonquin: A Tapestry of Creation

Feet. I didn’t know how much this particular body part would be tested until I took a trip this past weekend to Algonquin National Park located in northern Ontario, Canada. Beginning to mid October is the peak season to visit Algonquin because of its beautiful array of tree species displaying their vibrant autumnal hues as they make their descent to the ground for a season … Continue reading Algonquin: A Tapestry of Creation

I’m Doubting…What’s Wrong?

I must admit that at the time of this blog’s conception, I purposefully steered clear of discussing faith here. The intentionality behind &justlikethat is all about getting down to the vulnerable, often hidden parts of ourselves yet for some reason, talking about my own faith seemed especially personal? I guess I was afraid that by typing out the various facets of what I believe onto … Continue reading I’m Doubting…What’s Wrong?