• and just like that [jəst/ lahyk / th at] 
emphasize that something happens or is done immediately or in a very simple way, often without much thought or discussion

Isn’t it incredible how we, as individuals, come across many ideas and think over several thousand thoughts each day, yet how many of those thoughts are instantly forgotten about and disappear into the back of our minds, just like that?

This question frames the very core of why this site was created, because I realize that I can be quite a forgetful person myself. In my own life, I experience different aspects of the world around me which stir up important thoughts within myself, only to be thought about at a surface-deep level or not at all, and then it’s forgotten.

In this way, & just like that seeks to be a space where we take the time to intentionally seek out these blurred-out thoughts in our day-to-day life and ruminate on them, bringing them back to the forefront of our minds.

I like talking about the obscurely small things in life, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here as you look around -conversations about things that may come across your mind, but slip away without noticing it. My hope is that when we talk about the things that often exist simply in the background of our minds, we open the door to meaningful dialogue about important topics. Thanks for stopping by!